Benefit Solutions for Employers

Our client relationships are about partnership.  As such, our client-partners rely on our industry expertise to help them structure competitive benefit packages that will attract & retain talented employees, while keeping a handle on associated costs. 
Our clients benefit from:
  • Strategic review and comparison shopping at renewal time
  • Ongoing customer service for enrollment and billing issues
  • Client seminars
  • Updates about ACA Compliance

Nonsubscriber Plans for Employers

Many Texas employers have elected to opt out of the worker’s compensation system and become “nonsubscribers.”  In an effort to provide injury protection for employees and liability protection for themselves, many nonsubscribers choose Occupational Accident Coverage.

Occupational Accident Coverage plans provide:

  • Medical coverage
  • Disability benefits for injured employees
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) for injured employees
  • Employer liability benefits

If you’ve decided against worker’s compensation, or are curious about Occupational Accident Coverage, let us help you determine if a nonsubscriber plan is right for you.

Commercial Property and Liability Solutions

Business insurance is complex and commercial needs are different for every business.  We can help you perform a comprehensive review of your specific needs--whether you need a simple business owner’s policy or a more sophisticated package including business auto, property, liability, workers comp, and more, we can design the plan that works best for your business.